4 Steps to Making Changes

By adding these 4 steps to making changes into your daily routine with you will see results quicker

1. Begin with a small goal.
Pick one that is easy to incorporate into your current lifestyle.  For busy people: you may not realize when you have bitten off more then you can chew- until you are overwhelmed, and left feeling or thinking it is time to give in and give up.

But wait by coming to terms with the details of what setting a realistic goal will entail in advance, you engaged yourself in the practice of learning to make lasting positive changes. Stick with this page and although it is long winded, it will deliver what you came looking for.

Remember growing patients is a virtue, and it begins with your self.

It takes practice to develop the skills involved in making lasting changes, even on simple everyday things. So start there. Use new the techniques you are learning on small things, this is where repetition becomes your new best friend. Naturally all skills have to be practiced. Practice at this is the first goal.

This is a big reason why it is important to start out with a small goal.

That way, when you are ready for a dynamic personal change, your mind will already have some recent successful experience with facing and overcoming those things in you that resistant change.

Consider the quality of tolerance you will be developing. Using these 4 steps to making changes, you will develop the quality of being realistic as well.

This will help you stick with it later, when it is time to go to the next level of tolerance. Learning not to skimp on these unconscious programs you are building can make your later efforts flow more easily.

Imagine the ballerina who spends years focusing on just the increase of strength with the angle in her foot for years, before she floats across the stage making magical feats appear easy to delight her audience.  It's in the details at the start that will make this your show successful!

By being willing to start at a small level you are more apt to recognize that you are able to handle more significant changes, on a larger scale.

Learning to identify what the most comfortable level of stress for you is, with out reaching a boiling point, is the secret key to unlock here.

You now have that within your grasp.

It may take practice, which means you will go through some trial and error.  Let the practice serve as small building blocks. Build your ability to open up new doors naturally. This way the new challenges you take on, are not as big a deal. Especially when you have a recent past that will reinforce a deeper awareness that learning to make changes is possible.

This instillation of hope will carry you though future struggles.

2. Focus on each step when you are successful.

This sounds so simple, and the basic rewards of recognition can not be over stated. Allow yourself the conscious memory of how good you feel when you get it right. This will add to your momentum.

Be aware of the frustrations as well. This will allow you to be honest about the effort you are putting forth. Honest effort is a part of the process.

By recognizing the feelings of frustration, rather then, trying to push these feelings out of your awareness, will help you begin to let it go.

This action word LET is key here. 
When you LET something just BE whatever it is, instead of denying, suppressing, or resisting it, it is amazing how well your mind responds to the situation at hand. Sit with what ever it is for a minute, let your mind focus on the feeling and then notice your breath. 

Once something is allowed to actually BE ...then it can actually GO.

This is a key component of 4 steps to making changes permanent.

This process can give you a deeper awareness of your personal frustration tolerance level, and/ or discomforts associated with change.

So when they arise, except the feelings. They will pass regardless of your reactions to them. This is key to adding more power and control to your awarenss of what actions will be necessary to remedy the situations that you want to change.  Increase your knowledge about when to take time out, so that you will have the necessary endurance to overcome higher level challenges along the way.

Remember to focus on the successes and the satisfactory feelings associated with the success, this will add some immediate balance.

3. Celebrate your successes and achievements.

Crucial. Can I get a YIPEEEEEE I did it!

I like the story of a man who was trying to gain more self confidence.
He knew that with out this foundation, his career was doomed. For him,  just the act of signing up for a speaking engagement was the next step in his progression of actions he needed to take to move closer towards achieving his goals that seemed easy once he decided he was going to take on the challenge. Prior to giving it any thought, he failed to notice his accomplishment of taking this step. As the speaking engagement got a little closer his anxiety increased.  The exact opposite of feelings that oppose the self assured, confident state he was attempting to master, so naturally once he tweaked his approach and added some fun to the process it turned everything around for him. What seemed to him like a small action, really deserved a celebration and some recognition, this was the missing fuel in his next step, of attending and presenting at the engagement with self confidence.

Perhaps you are trying to build self confidence. Each time you notice that you felt calm and peace and concern for what was going on in the moment, rather then focusing on your fears of what might go wrong, you have achieved success.

Give your self a simple reward. Such as setting aside 5 minutes during your busy day to just smell some beautiful fresh flowers in nature. Spending just 5 entire minutes completely immersed in the details of nature is a precious gift that is free.

This adds to the momentum in your motivation to the 4 steps to making changes. That way you become open to new levels of excitement and new challenges, that may have once seemed impossible to overcome at the start of your chosen endeavor.
4. Share your happiness and positive accomplishments with another person.

Heck even share this page of 4 steps to making changes!

Letting a friend see that you are grateful for your new ability to be successful in a new way, is going to be inspiring to them.

You are being a giver, as you trade pride for gratitude. 

Don't you love it when you are uplifted by a genuine sentiment of thankfulness when someone lets you into their world their struggles and accomplishments?   Pay it forward.
They will learn from your example. On some level you are giving them an opportunity to see that you are a safe person to share their simple joys with as well.

Building a support group of others who share your triumphs, makes life sweet and enriching. That factor will lead to personal happiness, which is the ultimate goal in making positive personal changes.

My hope is you will use these often overlooked ideas and they will help you make your dreams and wishes a reality.

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I will also include a subscription to my news letter Happiness and Bliss, so  you to get more out of these 4 steps to making changes, in it I will include more hints on how to make lasting changes permanent.

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