Welcome to  Real Hypnosis

Welcome to Real-Hypnosis a site about easily, gently and effectively training and using your most powerful muscle in order to reduce the stress related to change.

We believe in the power of the human mind. We believe in the power of the human heart. We believe that dreams were made to inspire us.

We believe positive change is happening as you are reading this.

We believe that because wishes happen, they do come true.

We believe that the desire to be connected to the human heart feeds the spirit of the great fire with in you to reach new levels of achievement, and enjoy more of what each life offers this world.

We believe in the power of the human mind.

We make hypnosis sessions to help everyone to connect to subconsciously with conscious desires.. In order to bring to life the things that once seemed like only possibilities. Through mind training, while you relax in the comfort of your easy chair!

We believe in the uncommon people who seek to go beyond the ordinary, and reach into the realms of living beyond doubt.

We believe in the power of the human mind.

We believe that the human mind, when trained properly to stay connected and focused, has the power to bring into this world more love of life through personal achievement, and balanced well being.

We believe in your ability to make the life you want,begin to start happening, so you hav eincreased self confidence... by the simplicity of accessing the power of your complex human mind.

We believe in the human heart, and it's creative ability to inspire you to reach for and satisfy your desires for personal fulfillment.

We believe the human mind has the unique power and authority over the other creatures here on planet earth.

We believe in the unique ability of the human mind to reach new levels of awareness, that will ensure we are adding more this world.

We believe our minds do matter, and we believe our hearts know this, without needing scientific data to back it up. Yet we also believe that the technology, which was created by the human mind, gives us the concrete evidence that proves this is true.

We believe in harnessing the potential of the human mind, in order to sustain and cultivate the needed fruits of joy and happiness on this planet.

We believe in your mind.

Why hypnosis?

Because it works so well for stress reduction and is related to making changes on an average form 15% to 25 % more then many other types of mind training techniques. Such as with quitting smoking. Those using hypnosis stay smoke free up to 80% which is significant in comparison to the patch or gum ot electronic vapors as well as other smoking cessation products which hold success rates that are much lower, so it has been known to have a high rate of success with individuals who choose this modality ... in many areas..... you like that.

Hypnosis can improve your motivation and problem-solving abilities at a subconscious level, to help you achieve increase muscle relaxation and increase your overall well being, while you are in a light dream like state that gives you more power and greater ability to be in control over your everyday actions and behaviors through increased clarity.  

All of the inventions that have come about in the last 200 years, started as a mere,  imaginative thought in someone mind.

Stick with that idea for a moment longer, and you realize as you are reading this, that almost everything we see around us that is man made - from the words you are reading, to the screen you are viewing, was once thought impossible.

Especially by those who listened and doubted, as they were described, by those imagining them. YOU have that same power within you .... waiting for you to use it more effectively and efficiently.

Can you believe that when this language was written, some one, some where, had to imagine all this stuff somehow? Even the alphabet it self. The screen you now see, all came out of the imagination of the human mind.

Without BELIEF, nothing man has made or done, - not the wheel, or the first shot of an arrow that poured forth from the archers bow, would have been there to promote the progress we now enjoy, had it not been that someone, somewhere, who dared to take the time to imagine these things possible.


Actually we are far beyond lucky - the truth we all know , either consciously or unconsciously is - we are LOVED.

We have been given the ability to create things while we are here inhabiting this wonder filled planet, with all it's mysteries and complexities. You are a part of that. You may even be the very reason some of these advancements were made.

You may have come here to this page to find out about this awesome thing called a hypnotic trance and so ..... you must have wanted to join in the fun in your own unique way.

I am sending Kudos to you and a warm loving welcome to my IMAGINATION school.

Where I teach the art and skill of growing your most powerful muscle - your mind..

When you connect with your motives to preserve a better world for your children and loved ones, you are entering into the consciousness of the imagination.

That same idealistic place in the human mind, where those who dare to enter go, in order to fulfill their desire to evolve and change.  To dance the dance in their own way, where our minds make delightful realities unfold.

The infinite place called imagination, is where dreams are made real.

Your imagination is a place so vast and remarkable, and yet if left untended to, it will create what ever it is exposed to.

Now your going to begin to see new ways to harness this precious gift and power that enables you to do new things, and find new ways of being, that work to get you what YOU desire.

When done with positive intention, you also help others along the way! ( you may wonder about this and wonder is magical so just know others around you will benefit form your changes, and you know that) That's why I call this Real-hypnosis ... cuz it's real good and we believe you matter, so please pull out your text edit and proceed.....

So ... Right Now Ask your self : What do I want to change?

On a scale from 0 to 100, How strongly do I WANT to change, if 0 were not at all, and 100 were very strongly?

What would your number be at this minute?

Got it?

Got the number? If so then proceed...

Now that you have got a number in your mind,

I'd like you to ask your self these questions it is best for you if you take a minute to play along and write down the answers.:

Why do I want to find an effective way to make changes in my life?

Why is important, so now take a moment to picture the change, get a visual and now consider this...

What ever the number chosen was, now ask your self this:

Why is that number not zero?

Think about it for a second or a minute.

If you are alone .... say it out loud to your self. The reason it's not zero is.......(fill in the blank)

If you are not alone open a text edit and write it down.

"The reasons my number is not zero is because......

As you speak to yourself..... Hear the truth within you, or as you write it out .... see the words on the page that tell you what you ARE capable of, maybe your not writing it, so your considering it in your mind as you read along and you feel it, you have this knowing, even if you don't have any clue about how to make it happen yet.

No worries because I have studied this unique process for years, and I love what it has done in my life. By using hypnotherapy I have helped many make the positive changes they were seeking successfully since 1998.

You can begin the Real-Hypnosis process to get the results my clients have enjoyed over my years of practicing hypnosis with just a few simple clicks.


To some it may seem easier said then done, so I have made it easy for you to begin. It is not much of a risk ....... sit back, or lie back, put your feet up, and enjoy some good relaxation while you get used to the concept of taking real hypnosis seriously.

I believe your mind matters in this world. Your going to feed it well, by listening to a free session. Just look to the top of the navigation bar to the left of this screen, and at the top you will see the Free Session listed, click on that and follow the instructions to download the link that allows you to experience a hypnotic journey I have created for Stress Reduction.

I am giving this Real Hypnosis relaxation session away to you totally free!

Why? Because mind training with hypnosis is like any other training, once you see how good it feels and how much it benefits you, you will want to use it more often.

Because I feel so strongly about the Real hypnosis process, and how it can help just about everyone.

From you mothers, juggling the many roles of taking care of baby and family... so you will get some needed stress relief,

to you executives... seeking to enhance productivity and increase your abundance so you can increase your stress tolerance,

as well as some of you sports enthusiasts.... seeking to step up your game and surpass your current level of achievment,

not to mention the many of you reading this, who are seeking some relief for a particular hold back or challenge.

With so many more of you out there struggling to adjust to the many challenges that go along with living in a fast paced media driven society, you will find this session to be a nice moment of respite away from the business of modern life.

Some have called it a mind message,  others call it a little piece of cheesecake for the soul.

Doctors recommend it because of the overwhelming connection between stress and disease. Hypnosis lowers your stress level instantly by helping your muscles relax.

I recommend you kick back and relax as you ease into a safe hypnotic trance that nourishes your mind and nurtures the seeds of success that already lie within you.

I know that once you get a nice dose of deep relaxation, that this session will deliver, you will come back here, and check out some of the other specific sessions I have to offer.

So please enjoy this free gift and tell your friends to come over and check this out!

I am the biggest sucker for anyone who writes in and tells me they can not afford one of my sessions. Yes if you ask me, of course I am going to send it to you for free, if your having hard times.

Yes for free. Just let me know what your wanting to overcome and if it is one of the sessions I have on here, then great let's get you going in the direction you came here hoping to go, I just need to know what you need.

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